2019 Over-The-Counter Statistics

Friday, May 31, 2019

Why should you consider an over-the-counter supplemental benefit for your Medicare Advantage members?
The numbers don't lie.

Offering your members enhanced access to OTC products can reduce financial strain on other healthcare costs:
healthcare savings

The OTC benefit is steadily rising in popularity, with a significant uptick in 2019:

market penetration


Seniors are shopping for supplemental benefits, and an offering like OTC can have an impact on your enrollment:





*This analysis from Pareto's Spotlight technology compared the most recent year-over-year data giving a snapshot of how the OTC benefit affected enrollment for existing plans for the 2019 year. This data set excludes new health plans and plans that exited the market.

Partnering with a leading solution provider supplying an end-to-end solution can also impact those enrollment numbers:



2019 convey increase


MiramarOTC_Miramar-OTC 2

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