OTC Benefit Administration

OTC Program Overview

Our OTC Benefits Services: Exactly What Your Health Plan Needs
Health plan members are becoming more proactive in their own care. When members are faced with making complex decisions, they want to have their questions quickly answered and resolved by a real person.
Fortunately, at Convey Health Solutions, we offer an OTC benefits program that members love. Our goal is to exceed your members' expectations while tailoring your OTC benefits program to fit nicely with your plan benefits.
The Customer Service that Your Members Want . . . and Deserve
Our concierge approach encourages member retention, with an OTC program that offers:
  • Attention–Members always speak with a highly trained person.
  • Precision–Members place orders through a dedicated members service contact center, using an easy-to-read catalog.
  • Clarity–OTC benefits and products are confirmed, eliminating the guesswork often associated with how much credit members have or what is covered.
  • Convenience–OTC products are delivered directly to the member's home, or available to purchase at the store with their OTC benefit card.

Full-Service Solutions

Convey focuses on both improving your member's health outcomes and strengthening your plan's supplemental benefits portfolio. Elevate your supplemental OTC benefit by incorporating more options from our expanded suite of CMS-compliant solutions. 
Clinical Program Alignment
Approximately 80% of older adults have at least one chronic condition.
  • Address your highest risk populations through another avenue
  • Hone in on targeted conditions such as heart disease and diabetes
  • Support your disease-related business initiatives
  • Leverage clinical support
  • Activate innovative benefit design
Fall Prevention
Billions of healthcare dollars are spent on non-fatal fall injuries every year.
Invest in the safety of your beneficiaries and design a program that can include:
  • Home safety items
  • Education and activity tracking
  • Strength and balance monitoring
  • Personal emergency response systems (PERS)
Wellness Incentives
Empower your members and promote preventive care.
  • Connect your health plan benefits through the program
  • Configure the program to align with existing or future initiatives
  • Incentive your beneficiaries for adherence, fitness, and chronic disease management
  • Drive program success with reporting and monitoring

Supplemental Benefits Program

Configured to Meet Health Plan Needs, Member Wellness, & Member Experience Expectations 
The OTC program is one of the main pillars of the supplemental benefits offering. However, if you are offering more than one benefit, you know that managing multiple vendors is a lot of work. With Convey, consolidate all of your vendors into a flex wallet program. We can partner with your existing vendors, or leverage ours. 
Our expansive Miramar:Benefits solution features variable, flexible benefit configurations with cost reduction and member improvement at its core. We are able to bring our proprietary technology and comprehensive services together to provide an end-to-end suite of solutions that will be unique to your organization.