OTC Program Approach

Convey’s full-service OTC and supplemental benefit programs are designed to enhance your existing benefits and positively impact your members.


As the market-leading provider of supplemental OTC benefit administration services, Convey delivers the OTC solutions that members genuinely appreciate. Supported by both our Miramar technology and administrative services, we provide a proven OTC benefits program that reduces the burden and expense of supporting the program—allowing health plans to focus on their core competencies.
OTC Product Procurement Process
Why place an unnecessary burden on your staff and resources? With Convey's A to Z approach, you can be sure that everything is properly managed and your OTC members get exactly what they need and want. As your end-to-end OTC vendor, we:
  • Send catalogs directly to members
  • Fulfill, activate, and monitor utilization of the OTC benefit card
  • Process member orders placed online, through a mobile app, by phone calls, or via mailed-in cards
  • Support member inquiries related to the OTC benefit card
  • Sync benefit balances between all ordering channels in real time
  • Provide convenient home delivery and in-store shopping options
  • Ensure CMS compliance and quality assurance with monthly internal audits
  • Deliver financial and CMS reporting
Our concierge and omnichannel approach provides you with the confidence that our solution upholds all the hallmarks of a successful program:
  • Precision—OTC products are vetted by our dedicated teams, and benefit orders are processed with accuracy, from intake to delivery
  • Attention—members speak with a highly trained, live person
  • Clarity—OTC benefits and products are confirmed, no guessing how much credit members have or what is covered
  • Convenience—Through ease of access, members can self-treat common illnesses

Omnichannel OTC Benefit Program

And in applying our omnichannel approach to the integrated product procurement methods (mail, mobile app, website, phone, and an OTC benefit card), your OTC members will never have a disjointed user experience. Our solution is white-labeled, providing your health plan with additional member visibility and positive associations as a result of high-quality member experiences.
Our supplemental benefits administration solution is fully integrated and member-centric. Encompassing your plan design is our consultative support, program management, and compliant technology. Our full-service OTC and supplemental benefit programs enhance your existing benefits and positively impact your members.
Convey focuses on improving health outcomes and strengthening your health plan's OTC and supplemental benefits portfolio to be more competitive. 
Reinforced by our team of expert advisors and analytics capabilities, we expanded our Miramar:Benefits supplemental benefits solution to better align to the needs of our clients. Backed by Convey’s purpose-built technology, Miramar:Benefits is fully integrated and member-centric, offering Medicare Advantage Organizations a variety of options to enhance their member experiences and outcomes. 
For more information about the ways in which Convey Health Solutions can help you manage your end-to-end benefits program, contact us at OTCSolutions@conveyhs.com