OTC Benefit Administration

Do you recognize the value of an OTC benefit program and the potential for an overwhelming amount of work? 
Fortunately, with our OTC program, your health plan simply provides the eligibility file and we do all the heavy lifting. And if you want to take your entire supplemental benefits program to the next level, you can engage Convey’s flex wallet program where we aggregate and manage all of your supplemental benefits in one comprehensive program. Contact us to learn more!
Administering OTC benefit programs since 2008, we designed our program to completely eliminate administrative burdens for your health plan, as we take care of:
OTC Benefit Catalog Sample
  • Contact center staffing, training, support, and development
  • Product listing development and annual program updates
  • Adherence to CMS Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines (MCMG)
  • Annual CMS-compliant catalog development (inclusion of 1557 notices, ADA and 508 compliant)
  • CMS-required, plan specific, and educational material fulfillment
  • OTC product identification, procurement, and distribution management
  • Omnichannel member access: mobile app, online, mail, phone, and in-store with an OTC benefit card
  • Reporting: CMS and plan-required, utlilization, grievance, universe, and more
OTC Benefit Card Sample
For more information on how Convey can handle all the administrative aspects of your OTC benefits program–or aggregate your entire supplemental benefits program–contact us at OTCSolutions@conveyhs.com.