OTC Benefit Program Services

We offer award-winning OTC benefits administration services that make it easy for your health plan to provide a hassle-free supplemental benefit program. 
Our program allows for health plans to simply provide us with the eligibility file, and our full support staff manages the rest. Accepting all eligibility file formats, our comprehensive and flexible OTC technology platform can accommodate:
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly eligibility file processing
  • Complete plan reporting to support financial and CMS requirements
  • Online, mobile application, and OTC benefit card ordering integration

Experience Far Fewer Administrative Burdens

Convey takes care of:
  • Implementation project management services
  • CMS-compliant catalog development (print and online) and distribution
  • OTC online and app ordering management and maintenance
  • Formulary development and annual program updates
  • OTC product procurement and distribution management
  • Educational, program, and informational inserts in OTC product shipments
  • Support for health plan events designed for both members and plan brokers / agents
When working with our team, health plans know that our contact center is managing incoming and outbound member interactions. Our English and Spanish-speaking staff can communicate effectively with your members. And we tap into external language services to handle other languages, as needed.

Award-Winning Customer Service

Convey Gold Stevie Award Customer Service 2021Convey Excellence in Customer Service Award 2020
We support 7 of the top 10 Medicare Advantage providers. Our services focus on providing health plans a solution that brings value. Our goal is to provide a program that keeps members happy through a hassle-free, member-centric OTC benefits solution.
For more information about the ways in which Miramar:OTC can help you manage your OTC program, contact us at OTCSolutions@conveyhs.com.