OTC Medicare

OTC Benefits Programs for Medicare Advantage Health Plans

Whether your health plan is using funds earned through achieving superior Star ratings, or using supplemental benefits as a means for boosting plan membership in a competitive market, it is important that your supplemental benefits program not only attracts members, but is a factor in increasing member retention.
The challenge for health plans: Choosing a supplemental benefits program, and vendor, that will provide worthwhile benefits to their members, without presenting the plan with onerous administrative burdens and compliance concerns.
Convey’s supplemental benefits program makes it possible for members to conveniently access much needed OTC medicines that can treat many common illnesses. In fact, these medicines often prevent more serious illnesses–as each dollar spent on OTC medicines saves over seven dollars for the U.S. health system, according to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association.
Medicare health plans also benefit from OTC programs, though. With an OTC benefits program from Convey, your health plan could experience:
Exposure: Plan awareness through branded materials
Brand Loyalty: Improved member satisfaction and retention
Motivation: Improved outcomes through innovative plan design and member outreach
Recognition: May increase Star & NPS ratings
Best of all, with our OTC benefits program, your health plan doesn’t have to deal with the myriad of hassles associated with managing other programs. With our comprehensive OTC program in place, your health plan can simply provide the eligibility files – and we handle all of the administrative work, from start to finish.
For more information about the Convey Health Solutions OTC program for Medicare, contact us at OTCSolutions@conveyhs.com.