About Us

More than eight in 10 adults turn to over-the-counter medications as a first response to minor ailments. And, that’s a cost effective move–as every dollar spent on OTC medications results in more than $7 saved for the U.S. health system*. That’s why health plans looking to serve their members and reduce clinical costs should consider offering an OTC medication benefits program.
Fortunately, you can confidently turn to Miramar:OTC, a market leading solution for payer organizations with OTC benefits programs. Through our experience serving more than three million plan members, we have the know-how needed to provide comprehensive member-centric OTC and supplemental benefit services. In fact, all you need to do is provide the eligibility file and we take it from there. Our contact center expertly manages all interactions with members. And our technology platform takes care of all of your processing and reporting needs.
OTC benefits administration is only part of what we do at Convey. As a proven specialty healthcare BPO and technology solution provider, we also provide highly compliant member enrollment, service and administration support (Medicare, Medicare Advantage, PDP, Medicaid, Commercial / EGWP, Provider-Sponsored, and Pharmacy Benefit Managers). We manage end-to-end health insurance processes from eligibility and enrollment processing to service, premium billing, reconciliation, supplemental benefit administration and other quality, wellness and related services for a variety of payer organizations just like yours. In fact, we have provided such services to many of the nation’s leading health insurance companies and pharmacy benefit management firms.
Interested in discovering what we can do for your organization? For more information about Miramar:OTC or Convey Health Solutions, contact us at OTCSolutions@conveyhs.com.
*The Value of OTC Medicine to the United States, March 2019, Consumer Healthcare Products Association