OTC Benefit Card

OTC Benefit CardAs the market-leading provider of supplemental OTC benefit administration services, Convey delivers expertly designed solutions-like the OTC benefit card. 

How Does the OTC Benefit Card Work?

Members receive a point-of-sale VISA debit card with a pre-determined allowance for approved, health-related OTC products such as cold or allergy medications, compression socks, and sleep aids. They can use the OTC debit card at any of the thousands of retail partner locations across the country.

In addition to in-store purchasing, members may choose from Convey’s other integrated ordering / purchasing methods for ease of access:

Award-Winning Customer Service for the OTC Benefit Card

As we developed the OTC benefit card program, we integrated member support services into every step of the process.
The result: beneficiaries receive exceptional customer service throughout their supplemental benefits experience. 

Features of Convey’s OTC Benefit Card:

  • A fully compliant and customizable multi-channel OTC solution to meet health plans’ requirements
  • Expanded service offerings that include seamless benefits management, transaction activity and account balance assistance, and enhanced mobile and web capabilities
  • Retail locations within an average of 10 miles from members’ homes
  • Use of the #1 Visa global payments processor for secure, real-time updates
  • A solution that is part of a larger concierge supplemental benefits program
  • Integration into a comprehensive supplemental benefits flex wallet solution, which includes benefits in categories such as
    • General wellness (e.g. grocery and meals),
    • Tablestakes (e.g. vision and dental),
    • Transportation (e.g. non-emergency),
    • Connected devices (e.g. smart watches and equipment), and
    • Safety and fall prevention (e.g. PERS and bathroom safety equipment).
The prepaid OTC benefit card is supported by Convey’s Miramar technology and administrative services. Convey manages member experience, compliance, and utilization, so health plans can focus on their core competencies. We want to ensure your health plan’s success!

For more information on how Convey’s OTC benefit card can help your health plan add value to your supplemental benefits program, contact us at OTCSolutions@conveyhs.com.